Let's 'stay sharp' in Kamloops South Thompson ...

... elect Peter Sharp BC Conservative MLA

Monday, 13 May 2013

We believe in our people – and the willingness of the vast majority to be daring – in seeking solutions to the challenges which will face us

The election campaign is in its' final hours.  After everything you have heard from them, I ask; “Are either the BC Liberals, or NDP parties you believe should govern our province?”
Again, the questions asks if they “should govern” – not if they “can govern”.
Late last week both the NDP and Liberals ran full-page ads, in the same edition of the Kamloops Daily News, which attacked and tore each other down.
This is what THEY DO, rather than giving YOU a positive choice and option to support and vote for.  So here is the choice, which I ask you consider; the BC Conservative Party which instead wishes to build up the people of BC. 
I freely admit we do not have all of the answers, to the many questions and issues which face our province.  However, we welcome the opportunity to enter a dialogue -- with you – so that WE can work together for the betterment of our province.
We believe in our people – and the willingness of the vast majority to be daring in seeking solutions to the challenges which will face us in the coming months and years ahead. 
We believe in our potential … and we believe in our future as a province that can lead the country in jobs, prosperity, in working together to create new opportunities for the next generation which follows us, and in ensuring we lend a hand to those in need.
Tomorrow you have a choice.  
Do we want more of the same from the BC Liberals and NDP ... or a return to accountability in government. 
The polls seem to show that the vast majority of British Columbians; our seniors ... our families ... our children ... and small business people, are looking for an alternative and a return to government that gets down to the basics of good governance. 
The BC Conservatives are that alternative.  The alternative for smaller government, less taxes, and real family supporting job creation. 
I commit to you, that as your MLA, I will fight to control wasteful government spending. Government does not need to spend more … it does not need to spend less … it simply needs to cut waste and spend smarter.
To do that, I'm counting on your support.
I ask you to vote Peter Sharp, and together we can build a better BC to live, work and raise a family.
I'm Peter Sharp -- I'm a BC Conservative -- and I BELIEVE in BC!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Your vote can't be split. It is unique and fully complete -- there is NO way to split it in half, quarters, thirds, or whatever

Today my campaign manager, Alan Forseth, had a post that he made on his 'Mostly Politics' Facebook page  I liked what he had to say , and so I would like to share it with you as well. 
Here is what he had to say: 
I did a poll today and the result was 100% support for Kamloops South Thompson BC Conservative candidate Peter Sharp (Elect Peter Sharp Kamloops-South). 
Okay that is a little tongue in cheek, and I was the only person surveyed, however the reality is each one of us does make our own choice when it comes to marking our ballot.
Each one of us is a poll of 'one' in the voting booth, and our vote carries as much weight as the next poll of one.
Some have said don't vote Green you'll split the NDP vote ... others say don't vote Conservative you'll split the Liberal vote.  Of course we BC Conservatives could also say don't vote Liberal because you'll split the Conservative vote, and likewise for the Green Party vs. the NDP.
The reality is, there is no vote split.  
Your vote can't be split.
It is unique and fully complete -- there is NO way to split it in half, quarters, thirds, or whatever.
When you head to the voting station, vote for who YOU want to represent YOU; the person who has best shown they are someone you can relate to, and that holds the same beliefs and ideals you do, or at least ones that are close.
You can't go wrong with that. That's how democracy works.
Good luck to all candidates -- and thank you for stepping up and letting your name stand to represent the people you hope will become your constituents. 
How many time have you heard the vote splitting argument?  This, to me, simply states it the way it really is.  Your votes is yours, and yours alone, and it cannot be split. 
On Tuesday -- I encourage YOU vote for the person YOU wish to have represent you.  After all, it's your choice to make.
Let's 'stay sharp' Kamloops.
I'm Peter Sharp -- I'm a BC Conservative -- and I BELIEVE in BC!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

"I support strong -- and responsible -- exploration, mining and mineral processing industry in BC"

BC is Canada’s single largest exporter of coal, largest producer of copper and
the only producer of molybdenum (http://www.mining.bc.ca/bc-mining-week)
It's Mining Week in BC, and so it comes as know surprise, that in the past several days, my campaign email has been filled with messages from those supporting mining.  Near identical in nature, they generally put forward the following:
          Dear Candidate,

As a supporter of a strong and responsible exploration, mining and mineral processing industry in BC, I would like to know how you will support investment, growth and competitiveness in all stages of mineral resource development, if you are elected on May 14.

Mining supports jobs and families in communities across our province.  BC has 21 major mines, over 30 industrial mineral producers, 2 smelters and over 350 exploration projects.  There are also over 900 companies in BC that provide supplies and services to mining operations.  

In 2010 the BC mining industry supported over 37,000 well-paying direct and indirect jobs.  In 2011 it provided $9.9 billion to the BC economy and $805 million in payments to government to support important social programs, including education and healthcare.  

BC mines also provide the minerals and metals we need for every-day life.  Computers, bicycles, transit systems and hydroelectric energy transmission would not be possible without mining.

The mining industry will continue to play a key role in the economy of BC into the coming years if government and industry work together to support a strong exploration, mining and mineral processing industry that is committed to safety and leadership in environmental stewardship.

Please find below a set of questions developed by the www.votemining.ca campaign.  I am interested in knowing where you stand on these questions and how you will support a responsible exploration, mining and mineral processing industry if you are elected on May 14.

If you are elected ... etc ...

They then go on to ask several questions regarding my position, and that of the BC Conservatives, regarding support of mining in BC.  For anyone wondering, let me unequivocally state that; "I support strong -- and responsible -- exploration, mining and mineral processing industry in BC." 
Why should I have an issue with that statement?
I am a BC Conservative after all, and we support the good high-paying family supporting jobs, that come from safe and environmentally sound development projects. 
That's why I have NO problem providing the following response to these emails: 
The bottom line simple answer is that BC Conservative are pro-resource development, and unlike the BC Liberals and NDP, that is our starting point.  

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

"I challenge my fellow Kamloops - South Thompson candidates, Todd Stone and Tom Friedman, to make the same clear and unambiguous statement!"

Today my campaign team and I put together the following Media Release, which was sent out to radio, newspaper, and TV here in Kamloops.

The voters of Kamloops - South Thompson will soon make their choice for MLA.  But who will stand up for the best interests of this riding?  
Will it be Liberal Todd Stone voting with the docile herd according to the direction of the party whips?  Or NDP Tom Friedman, tied to a party beholden to big union interests?  Or a clear alternative; Peter Sharp of the BC Conservatives. 
"Kamloops South needs an MLA who will speak his mind, and represent the best interests of the voters who have elected him -- even if that runs counter to the stated position of the party." stated Kamloops - South Thompson BC Conservative candidate Peter Sharp. 
"I have personally received an assurance from party leader John Cummins, while in Kamloops, that he expects his MLA’s to vote according to their constituents wishes." Sharp continued.
John Cummins is also on the record (Vancouver Sun - May 3) saying: “You put your constituents ahead of the party. Manning used to tell us that. It’s the folks at home that elect you. You’ve got to put their interests ahead of the party.  I believed that; I still do.” 
Continued Sharp, "The position my party takes is clear; you should have Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA's) who listen to you, first and foremost.  I have a leader who backs that up 100 percent."

Monday, 6 May 2013

Now, for those of you who are undecided ... or in the Liberal camp because of fear ... I encourage you to ask yourself this question ...

The other day the following question was posted online:
"How can a 3 party system work when the socialist NDP garner a province wide 35+% vote consistently, and in most lower mainland ridings only lose seats by 100's of votes. PLEASE tell me how a three party system will work?"  
That's a good questions -- and definitely worthy of a response. 
I would have to say that it is then imperative for the remaining 65% to be EARNED by a party that clearly differentiates themselves from the herd in the center left.
The current BC Liberal government has really only shown themselves to be a 'slightly' slower moving version of the tax & spend / big government NDP.
BC Conservatives on the other hand have shown they do have a better common sense option.
Clearly it is up to voters to decide whether they wish to buy into the scare tactics of the BC Liberals, who in recent years have not had much in the way of positive government to offer. 
Or ... they can give a good look to the BC Conservatives who have put forward a platform of clearly defined policies using the common sense of British Columbian's.
I for one find it offensive the best that the BC Liberals have to offer as a reason to get our vote is ... "Vote for us, we're not the NDP
The next several years are indeed critical to BC --- so what do you say to the alleged 'balanced' budgets which nearly everyone believes to be untrue?
How do you feel about the BC Liberals adding a further $6.7 BILLION dollars to the provincial debt over the next 4 years (that's another 10% increase).  And how do you feel about the Liberals not even making an attempt to get debt under control and not 'starting' to pay it down until 15 years from now?
What we need, in my opinion, is better government accountability. 
We should have Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA's) who listen to the people who have elected them first and foremost (rather than having to do what the party says they must).  And ... we need government that says lets buckle down and figure out how to spend smarter -- not more. 
To me the option of both the Liberals and the NDP are, quite frankly, not really much of an option at all.
Neither one is willing to say YES to good resource development jobs that will create high paying jobs for our youth -- with the normal regulations that the environment ministry would call for (rather than listening to all the doom and gloom scenarios that have a billion and one chance of ever possibly happening.)
Let's stop training our young people for jobs that don't exist because of all the B.A.N.A.N.A. (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) fear mongers. Right now ... many of our children and grand-children are having to leave BC, in droves, because there is no work for them here. 
That my friends is downright criminal! 
BC Conservatives are the FIRST provincial party I have ever joined -- and I only did less than 2 years ago AFTER seeing small 'c' conservatives could no longer support a lack of policies, principles, and leadership (in the BC Liberals Party) which I could support.
While we have been encouraged to do so, WHY on earth would we join any organization that does not fit with our ideals of small government, smarter spending, accountability and integrity.
The fact of the matter is I, and others, have been encourage by small 'c' conservatives within the (Liberal) party, to come over and join them in taking it over, and jettisoning the BIG "L" Liberals. I have to say, that does NOT sound very ethical to me.
If you believe in integrity and accountability in government, then join with others on our BC Conservative team, because those two things appear to not be on the radar of the BC Liberals.  They are not prepared to have discussion on them, and the proof is in their track record of recent years, which continues to this very day.  
Now, for those of you who are undecided ... or in the Liberal camp because of fear ... I encourage you to ask yourself this question:
"If it did not / would not lead to an NDP government, would you rather support the BC Liberals, or the BC Conservatives?"
I'm no mind reader but I think I have a good idea what your answer would be.
Now, consider asking your friends the same question, and see what they have to say.
There is one way to ensure we do not get subjected to more of the same we have had under the NDP and the BC Liberals.  Support the BC Conservatives, promote the BC Conservatives, get your friends and family to do the same.
There are MORE small 'c' conservatives, with a social conscience, out there than you realize.
Finally , and with all due respect to those who fear the only choice they have is between the NDP and the BC Liberals, remember this ... real change does not come from doing the same thing over and over again.
Let's 'stay sharp' Kamloops
I'm Peter Sharp -- I'm a BC Conservative -- and I BELIEVE in BC!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Change for the better will not come from taxing and spending more -- as BOTH the Liberals and NDP have proposed.

Last night was the CBC / Kamloops Daily News all-candidates forum.  From coverage in the newspapers today one would be hard pressed to know that BC Conservatives attended, and actually had some important comments to make, but that's life.
Regardless, I would like to provide you with the opening and closing statements I made last night.

Good evening, and thank you for being here tonight.  
Earlier this year Terry Lake was quoted saying:  “What we do see, as we get closer to election, is that people are understanding what the BC Conservatives are all about ...”
Terry's implied threat, was there was something to be concerned about. 
Well let me tell you one thing here and now -- he knows that his implied statement was completely without a scrap of truth. 
In fact ... because WE BELIEVE IN BC ... and the people of BC ... I am proud to say our beliefs, principles and policies differ greatly from the BC Liberal Party. 
WE - as BC Conservatives - believe in clearly defined policies and programs that are affordable, effective, and accountable to each one of you.  
We believe you are entitled to full knowledge of the services government provides ... AND what they cost. 
After all ... how else can any of us know if we are getting good value? 
WE -- as BC Conservatives --  believe that our provincial government must operate with the highest standards of integrity and transparency.  
And we believe that governments at all levels ... are responsible to serve, and respect, all individuals and their families.  
In a matter of minutes I am sure that Kamloops South BC Liberal Todd Stone, will repeat Christy Clarks claim that top bond rating agencies have declared her budget as one which is balanced. 
That is a NOT true. 
Helmut Pastrick, the chief economist of Central One Credit Union says Moody's and other credit rating agencies examine budget projections ... they DO NOT verify them as balanced ... or not balanced. 
In fact, Queen University economist Donald Drummond, said Moody's actually raised concerns about the government hitting its balanced target. 
The provincial budget in February came with a 'claim' it was balanced ... but how does that square with a report from BC Statistics?  
Under this so-called balanced budget, BC Stats showed a further $6.7 billion in debt was about to be added -- another 10% increase -- over the four year budget projections presented in the legislature. 
I am proud to say I am a BC Conservative --- I am proud to say I BELIEVE in BC --- and I am proud to say that using common sense, WE CAN do better. 
Change for the better will not come from taxing and spending more -- as BOTH the Liberals and NDP have proposed.  
Instead it will come from getting back to basics and learning to spend smarter. 
I will come from MLA's who are truly free to be accountable to, and vote the wishes of, the people they represent. 
I HAVE the authority to do exactly that, by my party, and by my leader John Cummins.   
And ... I can assure you this is NOT a statement which either BC Liberal Todd Stone, OR the NDP's Tom Freidman, will be able to make to you.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A jar of jam can be labeled as “Product of British Columbia” so long as the berries from Mexico are processed in BC. It is very misleading.

Today here in Kamloops, I was proud to stand beside our BC Conservative Party leader, along with Michael Beauclair (candidate for Fraser-Nicola), and Graeme James (candidate for Kelowna-Lake Country).

Today, our party announced an important plank in our platform -- one which shows clear support to our agriculture and aquaculture industry. 
The announcement highlighted a branded communication program called My British Columbia" -- which includes incentive for British Columbians' here in the Thompson Nicola region --- and around the provide -- to buy and support local growers, ranchers, and fishers.
Here are some of the details of the "My British Columbia" program:

Provide families and businesses with a tax credit of up to $500 per year to encourage them to buy qualifying locally grown, raised, caught, or processed agri-food products at retailers, restaurants, and farmer’s markets across BC.

Provide operators across all levels of British Columbia’s agri-food value chain (growers, processors, fishers, distributors, retailers, restaurants, nurseries, schools, hospitals and agri-tourism operators) with the incentives and online branded collaterals necessary to proactively source and prominently feature locally grown, raised and processed agri-food products. 

Increase food security in British Columbia by celebrating the considerable investments made by agri-food operators that participate in and/or meet the exemplary standards set by existing certification bodies such as OceanWise, SPCA Certified, COABC and HealthCheck .  Future program recognitions may expand to include GMO labelling and biodiversity. 

And here is something we feel is very important to the success of this program -- and in ensuring that BC food producers can be supported: